Schedule Self-Defense Class

Anyone interested in women’s self-defense classes OR would like one at your school or work etc., please contact me and we can design personalized sessions to fit your schedule and your needs. You do not have to live in fear any longer!

The material I teach is very easy to understand and apply. They are not complex moves that require years to learn. IN FACT, you do not have to be a martial artist to any degree to benefit tremendously from them.

I focus on primarily, prevention. Secondarily, quick, powerful, easy-to-do movement. Nothing memorized as under stress, people do not remember memorized techniques.

People DO remember easy to apply concepts. Typical examples include:

  • Learning to stay in the “back” of the body.
  • Why moving in this direction can be the difference between effective defense and extreme danger
  • Learn the points that heal and the point that harm. (David is an Acupuncture Physician and a master at acupuncture point location and usage.)
  • How to use clothing as a weapon.
  • . . . . and much more.

Be safe! Stay safe!

Take preventive action now and schedule a class or start a group.


Call or Text: 407-810-2171