About Us


meCentral Florida Systema school was founded by David Orman. David started CFL Systema in 2006 and was the first to bring this art to the Orlando area. 

He has been training in a variety of martial arts  since 1985, including karate, kendo, aikido, modern arnis, tai qi, bagua, kuntao, qi gong, kempo, iaido and escrima. He holds black belts in Toyama Ryu Japanese SwordKarateKumdo and Aikido.

David  is the first Certified Systema Instructor in the Greater Orlando area.  He has had the honor of training with Vladimir Vasiliev, Sergey Ozereliev,  Konstantin Komerov, Valentin Talanov, Maxim Franz,  Alex PopeskouEmmanuel Manolakakis, Martin Wheeler and others, as well as being a long-time student of Senior Instructors David  and Rick Merrell.



“David is an outstanding Systema practitioner and overall martial artist. He has been a dedicated, hard-working and talented student of mine since 2006, and has become an exceptional teacher as well.”

 David Merrell, Senior Instructor 


Dojo Cho


 I am most proud to announce the promotion of Carlos Alvarado to Dojo Cho of Central Florida Systema. Dojo Cho is a Japanese term and a high rank of Honor.

Some people are sprinters. They race out of the gate, often times burning themselves out. Others are marathoners – they pace themselves but most importantly, continue to move forward, step by step. Carlos has taken the “marathoner’s approach” to Systema. He has consistently made progress, day after day and his skills have steadily risen to a quality level.

Of all of the words in the aforementioned paragraph, the one that is most important to any martial artist is . . . . consistent. This is one of the many admirable qualities I would use to describe Carlos.

He consistently shows up. He consistently comes to our seminars. He consistently trains hard. And yes, he has consistently made progress over the years he has been coming to Central Florida Systema.

On a personal level, I would describe Carlos as an “adder;” that is, he adds to our Circle in a major way. His energy is always upbeat and positive. His openness to learning sets the bar for the rest of the group. His consistent (there is that word again), leadership, and steady progress is the blueprint for the “How to Learn Systema” manual.