Quitting? What to do next.

Anyone who has ever run a school has had their ups and downs. People come and go and for the most part, it is not terribly predictable. Sometimes, the one who you think will stay for years goes by the wayside after 2 weeks and the one who you think will say for 10 minutes is working on year 5.

Unlike the above, when someone is one the “downslide,” it is fairly easy to see; that is, they have been a regular for years and now appear to be getting ready to move on.

What to do?

Over the years, I have covered virtually the entire gambit. I contacted them regularly, had private conversations, provided mountains of encouragement etc.

The end result each time?

They left.

When someone wishes to leave, it is internally driven. Nothing external as in praise, encouragement or the like, will make a difference in the long run. You may buy another week or month to their training but they will eventually quit.

So what to do?

The best thing to do it let them. Bless them, wish them well and move on. . . .

This has been my strategy for the past year. After a variety of approaches met with the inevitable result of leaving, I realized it was a lesson I had to learn —  letting go.

I have someone now who is headed on this path. Though I hope I am in error, it would be a shame to lose them. They have trained for years and have added much to the group. Plus, I really like them. We could not be more opposite yet the power of Systema brings people together.

Whatever they decide, I will bless them and wish them the best.

Law of physics tells us that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It does in Systema too. New people will come and fill the void as is always the case. The end result is that fresh energy invigorates the entire group and the cycle of training continues.

We could not be more opposite yet the power of Systema brings people together.

I have decided to focus on teaching and avoiding playing the role of Nostradamus.  To think you know another person’s path is pure foolishness. To wish them the best on their path is pure Systema.

My goal is pure Systema.