Sad Note About a School Closing

I am sad to say that our friend and fellow martial artist, Sifu Jeff Sindy, will be closing his school in Clermont at the end of this month.

I know there is the phrase, “Things happen for a reason.” and understand the principle, if not the details behind this. Yes, there is a grand plan for which we are not always aware or awake. Toss in a dozen more truisms too.

With due respect to all of this, there is still a sense of sadness. Sifu Jeff is one of the “real” martial artists; that is, he has the skills and understands the deeper meanings and reasons behind them. This is the anti-tae kwon do approach to martial arts. Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more rare today. Too many are more interested in handing out ranks the way people hand out candy at Halloween. Sifu Jeff was old school, a great compliment for a martial artist and teacher.

Please take a minute to send him an email or stop by. He was a great supporter of our school and an overall great guy. He and his family are now in the Tampa area so hopefully, when the time is right, a new Tampa Chinese Martial Arts school will be opening.



On another personal note, it is moments like this that I am most grateful for everyone at Central Florida Systema school. Despite many factors such as economic difficulty, watering down of martial arts training, decreased popularity of martial arts and other factors, we continue to thrive.

The reason is simple. You. Each and every member takes the time to come to class, every week, give it their best and move along the path to mastery – mastery of the art and more importantly, mastery of ourselves. Many start on the path. Few continue. You deserve a great deal of credit for being one of those who have the courage, discipline and commitment to stay the course.