Preview for 2017

We have an absolutely great group – large, energetic, open etc., – and this will undoubtedly continue to grow. As such, it is time to step up a few things. Additionally, it is time to add more fun into the mix as well.

With this in mind, here is a sneak preview of 2017 for Central FL Systema:

(Jan. 8. Disney Marathon. UNDOUBTEDLY, everyone will be there.)

Jan. 9. Return to Class. We will have a “mixed bag” again; that is, we will cover a variety of topics including a creative use of elbows.

Jan. 16. Off for MLK holiday.

Jan. 23. I consider this the first class of 2017. We will start with a celebration and continue with a detailed review of the basics. We will do the basics in depth and from new perspectives for several weeks.

Feb.  5. I will be a Guest Instructor at the Progressive Arnis Annual Conference. Everyone is welcome.

Most of Feb., will be going into details about the basics. Also, from this month until May, we will have a “Physical Saturday” class outside. Here we will focus a great deal on exercises, quicker and varied speed of attacks and less on teaching.  Bring pads, mouth guards etc., if you have them.

Mar. : One Saturday will be a “challenge” day; that is, how many pushups, leg raises, squats, kicks etc., can we do in a given period of time.

April, August and Oct: We will again, devote a chunk of time to reviewing and mastering the basics.

May: Martin Wheeler 4 day intensive.

July 9: Sunday. We will have a Play Day at Splitsville in Downtown Disney. Food, drink and even bowling. We will pick teams and the winner decides the fate of the other team.    Within reason. . . .maybe  🙂

August. Full day of Systema training. We will start at 9 and go until our tongues are hanging out.

Sept or Oct. I would like to bring David and Rick Merrell up to our place for a seminar. Many of you have never had the experience of working with these Systema masters.

Dec. Pre-Christmas / New Year Celebration. Either at my home or a place to be determined, it is the time to celebrate the season, our school and our accomplishments for 2017

Undoubtedly, things will change. Dates may be move and seminars and other trainings will be added but this should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

With this in mind, I want to take the time to wish everyone and your families a happy, healthy and abundant 2017!