Joy In Systema

You could list 1001 reasons why Systema is fun, enjoyable and rewarding to learn.

You could list the same number of reasons why it is equally fun, enjoyable and rewarding to teach.

At the top of my list would be this – post class, seeing a group walking away and hearing the sound of laughter permeating the air. It tells me that the class had value that went far beyond learning how to defend against a kick or a knife. It added to people’s lives and that is the real reason I teach and thoroughly love it.

Last night was Halloween and we had perhaps the most enjoyable class in our now 9th year of Orlando’s first Systema school. Granted, there were many, many to choose from but last night ranked at the top for me. The combination of hard work and lighthearted fun was the perfect amalgamation. I did not want it to end.

Thank you to all who made this great evening possible.