Two Handed Blog

On the one hand. . . . . 

I am most sad to say that our friend Arseni will be moving back to the Ukraine.  He has been a loyal, hard-working member for many months now and will be sorely missed. Some people leave. Some people leave and a “gap” is felt. Neal, Jon W., Garth and Sifu Jeff come to mind. Undoubtedly there are others.

 is one of those individuals – someone who added to the energy of the group and makes us stronger.

We will miss our friend and wish him the very best.

On the other hand. . . . . 

I am most happy to announce that on October 13th, Central FL Systema will be celebrating our 9th Anniversary as a school. We were the first to bring Systema to the area and remain the leader in the world of Russian Martial Arts.


Because of each one of you. YOU are the reason for the school and all of our success! I am most humbled and very grateful to all of you. Mondays nights have become such a joy in my life. It is wonderful to be a part of something special. Thanks to each of you.

Of all of the groups we have had over the years, this one BY FAR has been the best. Kind-hearted, talented, open-minded individuals. You embody the meaning of Martial Artist.

Also. . . . . .

A warm CONGRATULATIONS to Christy LeDuc. Yesterday, she celebrated her 5th year in Systema as a valued member of Central FL Systema.

If I was to “build” a martial artist, I would use Christy’s heart as the model. He constantly shows up, trains with passion and sets an example for others. Most impressive on all fronts!

I am reminded of the story of a former president. He asked his advisor about the economy and the advisor replied, “On the one hand, things could go well because. . . . On the other hand, it could go poorly because. . . . .” The president replied, “We need a one handed advisor!”

Great advice.