Embrace Failure

Another Monday.
Another Systema class.
Another chance to train.

And another great chance to make some great failures.

The best of the best in anything – sports, martial arts, writing, science – made the most failures, sometimes on an epic scale. They sunk to undiscovered depths, much like the Titanic. These lows became a foundation for which they began a new life, a new approach and a new chance to reinvent themselves.

Failure has gotten a bad reputation. We try to avoid it. We hide from it. We do anything to repel it, yet inevitably cannot escape it. We are human and it is as much a part of our life as oxygen and food. It finds us, despite our best attempts to be a ninja.

Next time failure finds you, embrace it. Thank it. It is a hidden gift.

If you have no failure in your life, you have no risk. If you have no risk, you are existing rather than living, which ironically, is the biggest failure of all.

If you are not failing at times, you have compromised. You have traded your role as Hero for a life of plainness. You have exchanged a chance at newness for tasteless sameness. You have become worse than a failure. You have become ordinary.

Failure gives you the chance to build character. Anyone can be the Star when things are good or when they are easy. It takes guts to forge ahead, despite the odds.

Moving past failure is a remarkable test of your character, courage and determination . Experience bitter and you will know sweetness.

Yes, dear friends, it is time we embrace our failures, mistakes, missteps, and omissions. Learn from them, thank them, roll up our sleeves and let’s keep on training!