Give Up but Never Quit

spiral-planetary-nebula-1109044_640My teacher has been telling me to give up for years. When he first said that, I was both confused and on the verge of being semi grief-stricken. Give up? Was I that bad?

Fortunately, words have multiple meanings and though at the time, I was not going to be on the cover of “Systema Illustrated” in the foreseeable future, there was hope. 8+ years later, I still remember that moment and fortunately, albeit recently, I did finally give up.

What he actually meant is still open for debate but my interpretation is that one needs to give up the intellectual pursuit of Systema. In other words, just shut up and train. You cannot think, comprehend, imagine or logically deduce your way in Systema. You train. You feel. You experience. You understand to a degree and then you do it again. And again. And again, ad infinitum.

More often than not, thinking stymies growth in Systema. You analyse moment to death. In the meantime, you just got hit 5 times in a row. It is only when we give up the notion of thinking or worse – knowing – that we leave the great door of possibility open. If we already know everything, we steal the chance to learn.

Never quit. Quitters find a way to do what they always do – quit. True warriors take any situation and find a way to deal with it.

Just give up. Give up thinking. Give up having to know. Give up on preconceived ideas, beliefs or judgements for in the process of giving up, we create tremendous space.

Quantum Physicists tell us that the entire universe was created due to the tremendous potential of space, of pure emptiness. Yes, massive planets, countless stars, suns, nebulas, black holes and other creations came about because of empty space.

If entire universes can be created by releasing and allowing for space, I think our System can certainly improve quite a bit!

Never quit. Just give up.