Alligators and Systema?

gatorMy wife and I went for our usual Tuesday run on the W. Orange Trail. There are things that have become commonplace on this section of the trail – beautiful birds, squirrels, a snake or 2, dramatic foliage.

Today, we were interrupted by the presence of an 8 foot alligator. In the 13 or so years of running ever inch of this trail, this was a first. Hopefully a last for that matter. To me, gators are one of the few remaining links to Dino and some of the other dinosaurs. (You have to be over 40 to understand that one.) Awesome power mixed with disturbingly blinding speed, these creatures are pure, raw Florida.

The “trapping guy” was called in to deal with the situation as a crowd watched. The man was also pure, raw Florida at its finest. If he said that he has been doing this all his life and learned it from his daddy, no one would have been surprised.

Seeing how he moved was a form of art. The trapper was calm throughout the whole process, moving at precise times and in such a relaxed manner. Normally, when the gator cannot be trapped, it is unfortunately terminated. Happily such was NOT the case here, thanks to our friend and his rather amazing, if not unique skill set.

Being relaxed, staying focused and moving with purpose saved this alligator’s life. Possible the life (lives) of runners, walkers or cyclists who did not notice this creature resting in the foliage under the trees. If moving and acting in this fashion works in dealing with an 8-foot alligator, imagine what it can do for our Systema?

You never know where or when our training will come in handy. It probably will not be dealing with an alligator (though Christy and Chris may disagree) but staying relaxed, focused and moving with purpose will always make our lives better.

Training does not stop when you leave our school. It does not begin only at 7pm on Mondays. It has no expiration date. One way or another, you are training every second of every waking moment.

Make it the kind of training that matters.