Hidden Value of Systema Breathing

lungs-306032_640An experiment of one.

I was at the gym this morning and struck up a conversation with an individual who stuttered quite heavily. What would normally take maybe 15 seconds to deliver a sentence or two, was taking a good 40 seconds.

(Side note: In Natural Medicine, stuttering is considered an issue involving the heart energy. The heart is said to “govern the tongue including speech.” When you strengthen the heart, speaking patterns can significantly improve as well as the skill to choose words correctly and compassionately.)

As he spoke, I notice his breathing was what I perceived as unusually rapid. I “paced” his breath patterns as accurately and discreetly as possible; that is, my breathing was in sync with his pace. After a minute or so, I  began to slow my pattern and breathing as well as relax my whole body as much as possible. It reminded me of some of the powerful drills we have done with Vladimir and others over the years.

Slowly but surely, my new acquaintance began to speak in a much more relaxed and smoother pattern. I would estimate that about 60-70% improvement (reduction in stuttering) was noted as within a span of about 7 or 8 minutes. Not only this, his whole body language changed from slightly hunched, to much more erect and dare I say, confident.

We often think of breathing in Systema as limited to the martial arts venue or perhaps, personal reduction of stress. It is moments like this that opened my eyes to the full range of possibilities, one being assisting others who struggle in certain areas.

We get the great opportunity to help others through our art, even when we are not formally training. Another hidden gift from the world of Systema.