Happy New Year from Central Florida Systema

new-years-day-1086902_640How many? How many opportunities will you take to excel this year? To volunteer? To step up to greatness? To take your training to a new level? Make a difference this year.

Appreciation. Take a minute every hour to breath deeply and to appreciate the people in your life and the circumstances that you have created. Appreciate that we are free. That we can be happy any second we choose. That we have the chance to train every single week in Systema – the greatest art on the planet.

Possibilities. A new year. A new beginning. Dust off the Dreamer inside of you and begin to create the possibilities that may have been dormant for years. Make this the year of doing. Dream BIG possibilities and then act as if you are the only one who can achieve them. By the way. . . .you are.

Potential. Recognize the great potential that exists in you. Stop pretending that you are only average. That you can’t do this or unable to do that. Reinvent a powerful you.

You. You matter. You count. Act on this. There is a person or a group of people. Maybe 2. Maybe 200002. They are waiting for you and only you. They are waiting for the help that only you can offer. If you want to come back to class, find a way. Don’t be a quitter. Be the you that takes your life to the level you have always wanted. Then go beyond.

New. Out with the old and start with the new. What will you create this year? What new experiences will you have? New language? New career? New home? New physique? What new approach will you take to Systema that you send your skills into the stratosphere. The slate is blank and you have a magic marker.

Evolve. Take the next step and then keep moving after that. Adopt the marathoner’s approach to life. Just move forward. One step at a time until you reach the finish line. Then, start all over with something new. Or teach someone else how to do it.

Wait? No! We have all played that losing game. “I will do such and such when I have enough time. Enough money. When I feel better.” There is only now. Take the time to live the life you want. The one you deserve.

Youth. Take some time to work with a young person. Be a guide. A mentor. A leader. Can you think of a better win/win situation? While you’re at it, take some time to listen to an older person. They have walked the roads that you are on now. What treasures can they pass along?

Enjoy. Most of us are very good at working. This year, be just as good at playing. Add enjoyment to the mix. Smile. It’s contagious.

Abundance. Become aware of the true abundance that is available to all of us at any moment. Opportunities are everywhere to be anything you wish. Become a huge success and then find 1 or 21 people and teach them. Then have them repeat the process.

Risk. You know what life is like in the safe zone. Take a risk and step outside the box. Tell someone in person, how you really feel about them being in your life. Open your own businesses. Adopt a rescue dog. Take a chance on being someone incredible. Train like you never trained before. The world already has more than enough of everything average. We need Outstanding. Take a risk on being that outstanding person. We need you!