Martin Wheeler Seminar

martinMartin Wheeler continues to be one of my favorite teachers (not named Vladimir or Michael). He proved it again this weekend with a fantastic seminar in Tampa.

Despite the challenge of having to be a last minute “fill in” for Vlad and the terrible acoustics in the gym, Martin was in top form. His unique style and physical nature make this one of the best seminars I have gone to.

Saturday focused on relaxation and learning to strike from this perspective. Sunday was multiple attackers and finished up with some knife work. The combination of creative breathing drills, partner drills and one-on-one instruction was most appreciated. It certainly added to my skill level and opened up some areas for ways of teaching this information that I had never considered.

Martin is considered one of the top Systema Instructors around. This weekend, the 75 or so people who came, understood why he has earned this honor.


Side notes

  • I would like to thank my friends from W. Palm and Boca. Our “side sessions” were as valuable, interesting and useful as the main seminar. Love working with you guys!
  • Kudos to Christy, Johnny and RJ. As anticipated, you all were exceptional and brought honor to yourself and our school. Great job!!
  • Each seminar I go to reinforced the fact that our school is truly on such a good path. We are so fortunate to have access to the pure, powerful and little-known information that David and Rick Merrell presents.