Comedy or a Tragedy?

anonymous-657195_1920A life without insight and deep questions is a waste of a life.

At some point, you have to open the inner doors and ask yourself some of the questions in life that matter. Case in point: Is your life a Comedy or a Tragedy?

Turn the clock back a few months and I was sure this facet of my life was turning into an epic tragedy. A number of my students moved or simply quit. What I had built up over the years appeared to have been sinking. One of the things most dear to me was changing beyond recognition.

My reactions, of course, were the ultimate Comedy. See, I anticipated things being the same and nothing could be funnier than to anticipate something so ridiculous as this. Think about it. We are moving at about 66,000 mph around the sun. Earth is rocketing at 1000 mph around its axis. And I am wanting everything to remain the same?

Fast forward to the present and we now have a large group of energetic, likable, new students to compliment our experienced Circle of Systema Practitioners. It is a great blend of the new and the experienced.

This has been a huge lesson, in a year filled with huge lessons. Things change. Things will always change. There is nothing I can do about a great deal of the change, except accept it and enjoy the ride.

My life and my Systema are truly a Comedy, particularly in the moments when it seems like a Tragedy. The only time it becomes a Tragedy is when there is a lack of acceptance of change. When the “internal stop sign” comes up and revolts against the new. A pointless energy struggle ensues.

My school has changed. My Systema has changed, as have I. For this, I am most grateful. What a great Comedy life is!