Boca Seminar Another Success

20150912_145723I have come to expect the best and not surprisingly, I continue to receive it.

Of course, I am referring to the Systema training I get every time I am with David and Rick Merrell. This Saturday was no exception.

A great 4-hour seminar was presented and attended by some 15 others. The focus was on releases from holds, at least that was the superficial topic.

Nothing is as it appears. Such is the case with Systema. Such was the case Saturday.

The theme really was really about movement – how to move properly, with ease, in a relaxed fashion. Regardless if someone has you in an arm bar or is throwing a front kick, when you learn to move properly, the attack is irrelevant. Movement is king.

I end up learning so much from these classes. It is truly an honor and a privilege to be a long term student of David and Rick. One of the most fortunate gifts in my life is to have the best instructors in Systema (not named Vladimir or Michael) only 3 hours away. I do not have to drive 500 miles or fly across the country. The location is not exotic and there are no t-shirts given out. Only the very best Systema training around.

It is often the post-training phone call that solidifies the lesson for me and such was the case here.  I appreciate David for going into greater depth, offering corrections and suggestions and taking this art to a very deep level.

For me, Systema is not an art that is “long;” that is, it does not have hundreds or thousands of techniques that stretch as far as the eyes can see. It is an art that is very “deep,” and the one-on-one work is where I really begin to grasp the depth of this art.

The study of Systema is a life-long journey filled with many challenges. Seminars such as this help us all to take at least one more step forward.