Adjusting the Focus

focusI wonder at times, why people quit Systema. For me, it is the very best art I have ever participated in. It has helped shape my life and has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. I will forever be grateful to those who have helped make all of this possible – Vladimir for bringing it to America, Marc Breese for introducing it to me, David and Rick Merrell for their brilliant teaching and friendship and to all my students who have helped build the best school I could ever imagined.

Yet there are some who try, stay a while, and quit.  At times, I found it upsetting and questioned my skills and teaching methods. Other times, it felt confusing and disappointing. It was baffling to me and I have spent a great deal of time pondering this question.

What a mistake this was. Why people quit matters not. Even if I found the “real” answer, who cares? They have made their choice and have to live with it. It really does not matter.

One thing matters — those who continue to train. . . those who have made Systema a part of their life. They understand the value and appreciate the dedication of all who have come before them. They are the tributaries that feed the great River of Systema. Each class they come to, the energy exerted flows into the Whole.

We are a part of something special. Something bigger than just Central Florida Systema. Each class we get to add to this energy, explore it and apply it to our lives. In the process, we give ourselves the greatest chance to become better martial artists, and even more so, better people.

Doesn’t get better than this!!