Helping Out Some “Friends”

chimpsSometimes, a story comes along that grabs you and makes you want to take action. Such is the case here.

Sixty six chimpanzees in Liberia, Africa have recently been abandoned by the New York Blood Center (NYBC) and are now in serious danger of dehydration and starvation without your help.

Many of the chimpanzees were captured from the wild and exploited for decades by NYBC for medical testing before finally being retired to a small group of islands off of the coast of Liberia. In spite of their promise to ensure lifetime care for the chimps, in March 2015 – while Liberia was still reeling from the largest Ebola outbreak in history – the NYBC withdrew all funding to care for and feed the chimpanzees.

Central Florida Systema recently had our annual Full Day of Training. Given the above situation, it was decided that the proceeds will go to helping out these chimps.

If the story touches you the way it touched me, go to and help out.

When there is an opportunity to help, do so. When there is not an opportunity, create one.