To Fight or Not

thIf you are a teacher, I would like to ask you this question: “Are you teaching your students how to fight, or how to avoid conflict?”

I had an interesting debate recently. A clip was posted regarding “realistic” fighting contrasted with typical training done in most schools. A raw environment versus a clean environment if you will.

It is a thought provoking question and comes down to the true intention of teaching. Personally, nothing would make me happier than if each and every student that I have or ever will have, never experiences a physical (or any other for that matter) conflict. They know and continue to learn how to fight so they do not have to. They recognize the warning signs and take action to avoid a major issue.

Lets face it. This is no longer the wild, wild west. We don’t roll up our sleeves and may the best person win. In an era of cameras, suit-happy lawyers and availability of guns, one would rather foolish to engage in a bar fight or street fight these days. Granted, there are still instances where situations may be unavoidable, or so the common thinking goes. I wonder if this is actually true.

If you are police officers or military, this is not an article for you. You are knowingly volunteering to go into the belly of the beast. God bless you.

For the rest of us, it is a question worth giving a great deal of thought to. How we approach our teaching and what type of energy we are sending out may be the different between having great classes or having to deal with genuine conflict.