Why Teach

SONY DSCToday, I did a short 3 mile run along the W. Orange Trail and could not believe what I saw. This beautiful trail is being hack left and right, and construction is going up along the path. It is an eye-sore to say the least. It is an affront to Mother Nature. It is beyond irritating as there are so many houses that are unlived in now. New ones are not needed.

And there is nothing I can do.

I found myself juggling anger and frustration given this new view. It is a symptom of what is happening in the world. The few who have the money and the power are dictating how the world will be like for the many. We see it constantly, from this new construction to getting so-called health care jammed down our throats to tax hikes. The list is endless and continually growing.

Normally movement, particularly running releases this type of tension. In this case, it was getting worse and I still had a couple of miles to go.

Enter Systema.

When I think of Systema and my Orlando schools, I feel great. In that 90 minute block, twice a week. I can make a difference. It might be the only time during the course of the week that I can, but that is fine. At least I can made a difference here.

Not just a difference in people’s skill levels, I mean a real difference. An elevation in their life. Perhaps it is a story I relay or a comment made. Sometimes it is drawing the parallels between what we do on the floor in Systema and what we do in life. Other times, it is taking the time to acknowledge that progress is being made. Or a person finally has a place that is safe and finally fit in, maybe for the first time in their life.

Construction will undoubtedly continue. Trees and plants will be destroyed and animals needlessly killed. Taxes will continue to go up and politicians will follow their corrupt ways ad infinitum. But for 90 minutes, life is great. In fact it is perfect.

That is why I teach.