The Message

I neither know when it happened, nor how it happened. I just know that it did and for it, I am most grateful.

Sometime during this year, my teacher David and Rick went from being Instructor to Mentor. Yes, I still continue to learn an enormous amount of Systema per every trip down South. In fact, the volume often seems insurmountable. That is the fun part. OK, the fun part. . . . most of the time.

The past several trips have been life altering, as much as Systema improving. In fact, much to my surprise, Systema has been secondary to personal issues. A distant second.

Case in point, this past Wednesday.

After struggling with training for a solid hour, tying myself in knots metaphorically, my teacher turns to me and stated: “The biggest obstacle with your progress is that you know. . . . ”

In other words, my brain and its mountain of contents were interfering with the Now and what was happening. I was anticipating how it should be, how it should look and what should be done, instead of feeling what is.

Some messages are hard to hear. Some messages alter the way you are. Some messages go to the core.

This message covered all three.