The Focus for 2015

thAs we come to a close for 2014, the realization is that this was a remarkable year. Our schools, our Circle,  did so well. Much progress was made. We explored new territory, explored new aspects of training and took on and completed a monumental challenge.

The focus for 2015 will look much differently. We will take a few steps back and fill in the “depth” so to speak. Words like “details” and “completeness” will be the themes. It will not be so much about newness, rather our focus will be on flow, creativity and details.

In short, the themes will be:

  • We will work on Inner Power and how the fascia is THE key.
  • Breathe work will be emphasized as well. (I have put together a course at if you would like to get started and see how it is applied to other areas of life.)
  • We will focus on releasing tension and increasing flexibility via methods such as Shutdown Threshold Isometrics and other dynamic methods taught to Russian special forces.
  • A “new” approach to weapons will be targets. (It is not really new but more along the lines of greater depth.)
  • Basics, basics, basics and as a change of pace. . . . .basics.

It will undoubtedly be a spectacular year. With the individuals who comprise our schools, how can it not be?!!