One Year Ago

DOA year ago today, I started my second school in the Orlando, FL area – Clermont specifically. I had mixed feelings about this project.

On the one hand, I had been training with Sifu Jeff Sindy for about a month or so in Tai Chi and Qi GOng, and thoroughly enjoyed it. His experience and skill level were outstanding, and one could easily see Systema’s roots (at least some of them) came from these Chinese arts. It was a great opportunity to explore a new art, while further deepening my skill and understanding of the art I love the most – Systema.

On the other hand, I already had my hands full running a successful school in Winter Garden. This along with other responsibilities was quite a handful. Plus our schedule was perfect and historically, when I would add another night, attendance would be erratic.

Nevertheless, I took a chance (thanks to Sifu Jeff’s kind offer) and opened up Central Florida Systema school #2.  To say it was a great idea would be like saying Vlad is kind of, sort of. . . not too bad at Systema. Ultimate understatements.

I will forever be grateful to Sifu Jeff and his students for opening their doors and their arms to me, my students and Systema. We have flourished. We have excelled. It has been a complete joy to teach there on Thursdays. Most nights, we are nearly bursting at the seams. People leave a little more skilled, a little more tired and a lot more happy compared to when they walked through the doors.

In addition to that, it has been a huge help with my Systema. I could see now where many of the concepts and movements originated. Getting expert instruction from Sifu Jeff and in depth explanations has allowed to to expand more deeply into Systema and helped with creativity of movement. I have been afforded the opportunity to delve into the often misunderstood Internal arts and apply. Theory and application, Internal and External – best of both worlds. Best of all worlds!

I have a friend in the U. K. named Stephen and he and I often debate about certain principles of life. Stephen says that life is based on destiny, pre-set prior to birth. I counter, saying that life is our own creation, based on our words, feelings and actions. I think Stephen may be right, at least in this instance.

Opening up School #2 in Clermont was a meant to be. . . .

. . . . . . . . . . created by Someone a lot smarter than I am.

Nice to be loved.