Experimental Breathing Program

breathingOne of my favorite people, Buckminister Fuller once said, “Treat your life as an experiment.” Wiser words were never spoken.

With the aforementioned in mind, I have designed a program which takes aspects of Systema breathing, breathing and movement from Qi Gong, stimulations of specific acu points and kinesiological zones and Hand Mudras from Taoism and blended them into a program. Today marks Day 1 of 30 of my month long experiment.

Having been inspired by my Tai Chi instructor, Sifu Jeff Sindy and having finished reading a few books on the subject of breathing and energy, I took and blended some of what I learned recently with a great deal from 20 plus years of studying Chinese medicine. 

I will practice the aforementioned twice per day, every day. Nothing else will change. Not diet, not training. . .zero other factors. When the month is completed, I will report on the results. 

It should be quite interesting.