Best Seminar I Have Ever Been To

ValentinSeveral months ago, a handful of us were invited to a private session on a Wednesday to meet and train with Valentin Talanov. It was very good, but with only 3 or so hours, it was an “appetizer.” It certainly caught my attention but did not have a huge impact.

This weekend, the huge impact came, like a meteor.

Two days of very hard, very physical training with Valentin was simply the best seminar I have ever attended. For starters, (unfortunately) there were only 15 people who came. Nevertheless, this worked out in our favor, in that Valentin provided a ton of hands-on training.

(On a side note here, I am not a great seminar fan, particularly of the ones with 80-100 people. Though they are fun and enjoyable, I typically do not learn very much. On the polar opposite are these small ones, where I find myself learning a great deal due to so much hands-on instruction.)

The theme was striking and short work, with a major emphasis on proper form and sequential muscle firing. It was very detailed to say the least, but the 2 things that caught my attention in particular were:

1. This was incredibly powerful. The force generated seemed almost unbelievable, given the short distance. Of course, a slew of bruises this morning are “living” proof of believability.

2. Valentin constantly referred to this as “the basics” or “foundation,” yet it was rather complete and challenging at time. Be it multiple opponents or knife work, the concepts never changed, yet the movements were never repeated.

I loved the way Valentin taught. His style (of teaching) was an ideal match for my style of learning – very sequential, flowing and one section building upon the other.

Big thanks to David Merrell for bring Valentin to Boca, Randall for hosting, Sergey for translating and of course to Valentin for the best seminar I have ever attended.


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