The Challenge of 30 Day Challenges

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA30, 60 or 90 Day Challenges have become one of the big “movements” on the Internet today.

Take a task that you want to do, follow through for a given period of time and reap the rewards.

I think they are excellent, as long as a big asterisk attached.

What is the asterisk, you ask? It is the difference between creating a habit and experience joy OR checking something off a list and moving on the next one. In other words, how you approach these challenges makes all the difference in the world.

For some, these challenges add to their life. They add adventure or an opportunity to create a desired behavior. They represent a chance to push beyond the self imposed limitations. They add color, excitement and energy. They have guts and wake up your soul.

For others, these challenges are hollow, even if they are completed. Even if they are completed well. It is all about getting to the end and then starting something else, only to get to the end. Ad infinitum. The end is not the reward. The process of going from start to finish and all of the preparation in between is the true reward.

Rewards are not seen as medals or ribbons or certification. They will rust, wear out or become lost. It must be something more. It must be something deeper.

True rewards come from the inside. They are the powerful insights experienced when no one is around. They are the delightful thoughts that were whispered into your ear when you were quiet enough, or tired enough to listen. They were the images that dances about your beautiful brain like a butterfly, until they finally landed on their mark. They are the things that make us a better person and add to our society, our circle. They will remain long after we have crossed the Great River.

That is the real challenge – finding out what is behind, underneath or hidden deep inside the external Challenge you are doing.


One Reply to “The Challenge of 30 Day Challenges”

  1. This was an awesome post!! I believe that I have been one to go through a lot of challenges in a rather hollow manner!

    I appreciate your wisdom!


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