Martin Wheeler Seminar

MartinI saw him on clips of course, and he was outstanding. Same with videos. Martin was very impressive, but clips and DVDs are a poor substitute for real training. Sometimes, they can be misleading. Not this time.

Seeing and training with him in person was amazing. Martin Wheeler’s seminar in Hollywood, FL was one of the very best I have ever gone to. The 2 days of training were very physical, intense and filled with unique drills and methods. If you have trained with Martin before, I am telling you nothing new. If you have not trained with him, do yourself a favor – GO FOR IT!

Martin has a very calming aura about him. It is in sharp contrast to his hard striking and swift movements, a perfect blend of yin and yang. Each hour built on the prior hour, culminating in a spectacular weekend. From unique angles to groundwork, to “wall work,” I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with a true Systema master.

Personal Notes: Carlos Alvarado, Christy LeDuc, Joseph Powers and yours truly represented CFL Systema schools. Once again, I was very proud of how these 3 brought dignity, great effort and honor to themselves and our school. In seminars, the learning is coming fast and furious so to speak. Each member was open to newness and brought a ton of great energy into the mix.

On a personal level, I was again reminded that there are no short cuts to learning this art. No “hacks” and no amount of “video training” can replace hands-on training. The fact that every week, for several hours, a group of us train on Mondays and Thursdays is slowly but surely, making a difference. It is this training that allows us to take information from great seminars like this, and apply and practice it. Otherwise, it is too easily forgotten.

Thanks to Joe Gehr for being a gracious host and of course to Martin, for coming here. It was an honor.



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