4 Steps to Success

mountIn less than 24 hours, I have received a bunch of emails, both congratulating our school for our recent article, wishing us well with our Challenge and a lot of one word questions – How; that is, how did you guys do something interesting again?

Before I answer this, allow me to say thank you to all who were kind enough to email or call. For all of you, I am very grateful and appreciative. There is something rewarding when people take a minute of their time to acknowledge an accomplishment, even small ones like this. It was very kind of you. Everyone here appreciates this.

To answer the question, I would say there are 4 key factors:

1. Doing something as a group. As a person who has more than a few “lone wolf” tendencies, I have learned this through being a part of the Circle that a group is powerful. In fact, a group united is much, much more powerful compared to any individual. There is energy in a group that simply cannot be generated in an individual, regardless of who the individual is. There is accountability in a group. They depend upon me and I on them. In the process, the Circle gets stronger and stronger.

2. Have a partner that is 100% supportive. My wife is simply the best. Regardless of what challenge I take on, she supports me. The support is real too; that is, it is not an “If you do this, then I will do that. . . “ That is not support. It is manipulation. She knows my drive and accepts that as a high energy person, I must do challenging things. It is like telling a fish not to swim or a wolf not to run.

3. Make it big. Take a risk. If you are not going to dream in a big way, why bother. Do something that will light you up like a Christmas tree. Make it so exciting that any obstacle will be overcome with enough effort.

What if I/we fail? So what. It is not the first time failure has paid a visit. Dust off and adjust the method. Then, do it again. The only failure is not going for it. . . being one of the onlookers, wishing and hoping things were different, but not taking the actions needed to make them different.

4. Celebrate. It doesn’t matter that outsiders may not understand, or even care. Or even try to belittle.  We do. We know what it took to get to the finish line. It was out of the norm and moments like this are designed to be celebrated. They alter your life, and do so in a most positive direction. They help us become better people. They help us dig inside ourselves to find better versions, unused skills and greater talents.

But it’s not that big a deal. Yes it is. If you are part of the Circle, if you are someone who is participating, you already know this. If you are not, no words will make your understand that it is one of life’s accomplishments.

The great author Charles Bukowski once said: “Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about.”

This one is worth writing about.




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