unplugIn a world where theoritically we are so “connected,” the reality is we are more disconnected than ever. Disconnected from each other. Disconnected from Nature. Disconnected from ourselves.

One of the (seemingly endless) reasons why I love Systema is that for at least 90 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week, a group of people are disconnected from what does not matter and plugged into the pure goodness that life has to offer.

We look each other directly in the eyes and communicate. We share energy and our efforts.  We do our best to correct our long list of mistakes, mindful that the road we have chosen is infinite. We celebrate each others improvements and successes as a group. Each person matters, regardless of who they are, where they came from or what their interests, beliefs or any other factors may be.

We are not staring at a “box” in our palm while crossing the road, obvious to the cars barreling down at us. We are not lost in a fake world of tweets and posts, where some pretend that they actually have a list of 3000 friends. We are not seeing the magic of a hawk swooping down on its prey and thinking what a great photo for instagram.

Yes, at least twice a week, we are plugged into what is important and valuable in Life. . . .each other.



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