THE Key to Progress

thI have seen it with Systema, with running, business and virtually all aspects of life. In fact, it is argubly THE difference that makes the difference. The “it” factor that creates a winner. Want to dramatically improve your skills? Your income? Lose fat? Finish the marathon? Do this and you are virtually assured of success.

What is this mystical, magical factor?

For starters it is neither magical, nor mystical in nature. It fact, it is well-known but certainly not common. You have heard it, probably said it, may have done it and if you are happy and successful, it is a part of you as much as your hand or your foot.

The factor is this: The willingness to do what is difficult and what produces the best results instead of choosing what is the easiest.

It is seen regularly with Systema. People go to seminars and watch DVDs, but “can’t make it” to class regularly. Why? Seminars are fun and easy to attend. DVD watching is easy. On the flip side, regular training is a grind. It is not always fun. Progress is often slow and humbling. Of course without it, skills wither and progress is impossible.

Same with running. Track work is brutal, perhaps that is why so few are willing to show up week after week and do the work. They rarely miss the longer, slow runs as these do not tax the body much. In other words, track hurts. Slow runs do not. In the same breathe, track accelerates progress to new heights, while slow runs accomplish little.

Listen to business guru and speaker T. Harv Eker talk about business and the same pattern will appear. The “successful” are willing to do what the “unsuccessful” are not. Pure and simple, easy to understand but a challenge to apply on a consistent basis.

I think the late, great legendary coach of the 1980 USA “miracle” hockey team – Herb Brooks – said it best: “We cannot be a team of common men, because common men go no where. We must be uncommon. . . . . “

Some will read this and tell themselves and those who will listen, “Yes, but. . . . “ “Yes, I agree, but I cannot do it because. . . .” A month from now, a year from now, 5 years from now, nothing will change.

Some will read this and take a hard look in the mirror and take the quantum leap. They will venture into the land of willingness, determination and commitment to do what is needed, not just what is easy.

Which path will you take?



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