CFL Systema Member Profile: Sifu Michael Hill

MikeMy name is Michael Hill from Orlando Florida. I am a student at Seminole State College and I also have been working at South Lake Hospital as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant for the past 6 years.

My martial arts history is one the fits many young men my age with a little twist in that I was introduced to martial arts by cartoons such as The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dragon Ball Z. As a child I was overweight and also suffered from asthma but because I wanted to be like the other boys in my class, I decided not to let these stop me from playing sports and being active which in turn allowed me to not lose weight but increase my lean body mass instead.

When I was about 16 years old my cousin found a Kung Fu school that he decided to join and saying that we were both pretty competitive he told me that I would not like it because it was hard so I took that as a challenge and decided to join and have not looked back since.

After 5 years (2011) I received my 1st Degree Black Belt in Pai Lum, a year after that (2012) I received my Black Sash in Tai Chi and a year after that (2013) I received my 2nd Degree Black Belt and now I have been training for going on 8 years. During this time I also had some exposure to Jujitsu and Wing Chung.

About a year ago SiFu David Orman joined our Tai Chi class and said that he was involved in an art called Systema and me being a guy that likes to be active and learn different things, I decided to go ahead and join the class along with some others from my class and it is something that has truly given me a different outlook on my previous training.

Systema is an art that is easy to see, hard to grasp but makes complete sense. Unlike other arts that have extreme kicks and stances, Systema follows the basic movements and body positions of the human body. Systema is realistic and very practical in a real life scenario; you don’t have to be extremely flexible or have to be able to walk on your hands in order to hit someone. Systema is relaxed like Tai Chi, hits hard like Kung Fu and best of all it’s so easy you can’t help but enjoy what you learn (even if you get hit by a shovel).

David’s Thoughts: Sifu Michael is one impressive individual. He is a young man, very talented and athletic and open to new approaches even though he has already achieved quite a bit in martial arts.

To me, the most impressive feature is his dedication to his martial arts. Every class, he is there. Even Sifu Jeff noted that his is a constant presence, training or teaching. To be this dedicated at this age, is a rarity indeed. He has an extremely bright future ahead both in the martial arts world and his life in general. Sifu Michael is a big addition to our Circle.


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