What We’ve Learned from 333,333

breadOne of our missions for 2104 was to complete 1 Million movements (combination of push ups, leg raises and squats).

In the beginning, this was met with a mixture of disbelief and rolling of eyes. Four months into the mission, we are at the 333,333 mark. . .a full 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

What have we learned from this mission already? Quite a bit and the list will undoubtedly expand as we continue forward.


From a physical standpoint, adding variety is a key. Instead of doing all of our push ups, then all squats etc., we mix things up. Aside from helping with fat loss, it helps our Systema in that we are never focus on one body part or body movement.

The use of the herb Tumeric has worked wonders in terms of alleviating pain, stiffness and overall soreness.

Hot showers or soaks are more effective compared to cold. Though cold has its place (helps burn brown adipose tissue [BAT], elevates metabolism, improves immunity), heat is more effective for overall recovery. The reason is simple. Cold stagnates. Heat moves. We want to move the inflammation out of our bodies so that muscle/tissue repair can begin.

Cardio work after strength is more effective compared to vice-versa. After our “Big 3 Movements,” we typically add kicks, Tabatas and hill training among others. Done in this order is much more effective. More energy is available and form does not suffer.


From an energetic standpoint, a bigger group is more conducive to higher numbers compared to a smaller one. We work much harder in smaller groups to achieve similar results. The power of the many is strong. It has brought our Circle even closer, as we have yet another common purpose. There is pure magic in doing something special as a group.

Time is more effective compared to numbers. For example, if we set the goal of “as many as possible in 60 minutes,” higher numbers are attained versus doing 1000 total.

Moving to different spots is more effective compared to doing everything in one area. We train outside and are continually moving to different surfaces, different heights and levels and chaging as any factors as possible. This keeps us as fresh as can be expected.

Redefining Нормальный

The Russian word for normal is Нормальный (Pronounced “nor-MAL-nah”). Taking on this mission, we have redefined our personal definitions of normal. Prior to this, doing 50 or 100 of any movement was considered a normal. Now it is a warmup. One thousand would be considered “impossible.” Now it is the standard, the minimum, the launching pad into the unknown. 

This is the best part (so far) of this mission. . . .watching people’s perspectives change dramatically. It is so valuable. When one area changes, it often has a domino effect. “If I thought I could not do XYZ and now I am, what else can I do?!”

Barriers, both physical and mental are being broken. Limitations are being exceeded. Doubts are being doubted and expectations are ever expanding.

This is true Systema.




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