Internal Power Seminar

innerThe more I train in the Internal Arts, the more I realize the tremendous value and necessity for any martial art, Systema included. In fact, Systema especially!

This past weekend, I had the honor of training with Dan Harden. Dan is truly a master teacher of the inner arts and he filled Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday with drills, information and tools for each of us to cultivate this power.

I have said this before (as have 1000s who have come before me and 1000s who will come after), movement without internal energy is empty. It is movement without a Soul.

This weekend we covered a mountain of information and means of developing our internal power. Taken from thousands of years of Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing I, Aikido, breath work and basic physiology and anatomy, we practice notions of “stillness in motion” and “motion in stillness.” We took the metaphorical and often flowery terms and put a deep understanding and practical application to them. This seminar took aspects of Systema and went beyond.

I loved it, though it was quite humbling in some respects. In some areas, I had to start from square one. . .yet again. In other areas, some of which I was very confident, I found new (at least new to me) notions that were in fact, superior. So it is back to the drawing board with a fresh perspective and a ton of enthusiasm.

Overall, I think this seminar is a must for everyone who is serious about their art. It is for someone who lives it, has woven it into their DNA and knows they will take it with them to their last breathe.

Perhaps beyond.


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