CFL Systema Member Profile: Neal Hamner

neal1. I am originally from Knoxville, Tennessee but have lived in Florida (Orlando, Naples, Key Largo, Tallahassee) for the last 22 years. I graduated from Florida State University and went to work in the pharmaceutical industry before landing in the Home Health/Skilled Nursing Facility field. I am currently the Regional Director of Marketing for the Greystone Health Network.

2. Systema is my first experience in the martial arts world.

3. I found Systema through a special on The History Channel concerning the history of the AK-47 assault rifle. They spoke about the Spetznaz and briefly covered Systema. I was intrigued and, as fate would have it, saw a flyer posted at a local restaurant concerning training classes. I signed up the following week!

4. Systema has had a great impact on my life. Not only have I grown both physically and mentally but I have met some remarkable people along the way as well. My life somehow seems more calm and complete when I am actively participating in our training. For various reasons, both personal and professional, I have needed to occasionally take some time away from Systema but I always come back ready to go with a renewed commitment and determination. I can always feel the absence when not actively training.

David’s Thoughts: Neal is one of our solid core members. He has been with us longer then virtually anyone else.  Neal has come a long way and has learned to move much more so with fluidity, despite being a big, strong guy. Hard work and effort goes a long way, and Neal continually proves this.

He is the leader when it comes to the physical aspects; that is, when we are doing leg raises or push ups or something of this nature, Neal is the one who pushes the most and works the hardest. He sets the standard for the rest of the Circle.

It is an honor to have Neal in our group and to call him a friend.


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