CFL Systema Member Profile: Carlos T. Alvarado

CarlosAI am from Manati, Puerto Rico. In 1982, I moved to Texarkana, Texas on my first job with the U.S. Government. From there, I moved to Bel Air, MD in 1983 and  have been living in Orlando since 1987.

I am currently a Project Director for an Army agency that acquires simulation systems to train our soldiers.

I was always interested in martial arts. I practice TKD for almost 2 years in Bel Air, MD at small school but when I moved to Orlando did not continue my training. It took several years when I found a Orlando Martial Arts meeup group and started attending the various seminars.

I met David Orman at a Meet Up group. He was wearing a systema shirt and I asked, What is systema? After he gave a quick explanation, I remember saying, “I do not practice a specific style; I just come to the meet ups.” David replied, “Not yet”. Within a few weeks I attended my very first class and got hooked on Systema right away. The instructor and the students in Central Florida Systema are fun and full of energy. Tired and full of energy at the same time is something you have to experience yourself.

Systema prepares you not only to defend yourself but it gives you a set of skills that makes you a better person. Systema has helped me to overcome fear of failure and motivated me to try new things in life. Breathing and relaxation are basic systema concepts. Practicing those concepts has helped me tremendously with family and work interactions. I had become better in dealing with stressful situations at work and home. I believe I am a better father, husband and a better contributor at work.

David’s Thoughts: When I think of Carlos, 3 things come to mind: 1. He is one of the most positive, upbeat people currently living on beautiful Mother Earth. His energy is always upbeat and he a tremendous “adder” to the overall energy of our circle.

Secondly, he is always on time. Being from a military background, I gather one never forgets. In the process, he sets a great example of promptness for the rest of the group.

Thirdly, unless work calls, he is there, training on a regular basis. This level of dedication is very admirable.

Carlos is one of the long time “core” members. Classes are better when he comes. There are just some people who have a difficult-to-describe “it” factor; that is, when they are around, people feel better. This is one of his (many) gifts. We at CFL Systema are honor to receive it.


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