Featured CFL Systema Member: Joseph Powers

JosephI am from the very small town of Citra, Florida where I lived for 19 years. Since then, I’ve lived in Jacksonville North Carolina, and am currently living in winter park Florida. I wet to catholic high school and joins the marine corps, and worked there as an 0351 assaultmen,  handling explosives and rockets. Other jobs I’ve worked are swamp logger and custom welder. As you can see, my background is rather eclectic. Currently,  I am planning to start school at UCF for electrical and mechanical engineering.

I have practiced MCMAP in the marine corps and Pencak Silat stick and knife fighting when I was 14. My sister and I both trained under a very skillful fighter named David, who had the privilege of training in multiple fighting styles including the Philippine stick and knife, muay tai and was an official member of a samurai family in Japan. He was the one who introduced me to Systema after  going to a seminar. He had the unique opportunity to “spar” with Vlad one on one. It was a very humbling experience but one that had a deep impact.

Afterwards, we started to explore the world of Systema via videos. I continued to seek out this martial art, despite some lingering questions and doubts. I went to the Frank Aires seminar at systema Miami and my doubts were alleviated.  From then on I’ve practiced Systema when I could and with who I could and am very glad I have finally found a weekly class I can be apart of here in Central Florida.

David’s Thoughts: Joseph is a young, talented martial artist. Very flexible and relaxed in his movements (something you typically do not see at his age). The most impressive characteristics about his is his openness and willingness to learn. He is very dedicated and always comes to classes. Even more than that, he comes to classes and gives his all, listening and absorbing everything. It is this mindset and approach which over time, will transform him into an elite level practitioner.

On the personal side, Joseph is a likeable, easy going person. He is one of our many “adders” to our circle; that is, his energy and efforts always contribute to our group, making us stronger in the process. I am thrilled he is a part of CFL Systema.


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