Featured CFL Member: Christy LeDuc

IMG_0567I am a native Floridian who grew up in Orlando.  I graduated from Florida A&M University with a degree in Entomology (the study of insects).  Over the years I have worked as an Environmental Scientist, Microchip Manufacturer, and Circuit board Repairer. I currently work in the Pest Control industry keeping the vermin out of the happiest place on earth.  In addition to Sytema I also have practicing yoga for three years and volunteer at my local nature preserve where I teach young and old about insect and reptiles for five years.

My past history of martial arts was a semester of Tae Kwon Do, yes I actually got college credit for it.

I had been looking to take a self-defense for a long time. I first heard of Systema at the community center in Winter Garden where I had been taking yoga classes for a year.

Before Christmas we all shared what impact Systema has made in our lives. In the over two years I have been practicing I personally have noticed two major changes.  With my current job I have to walk while carrying equipment over all types of terrain in the past I would lose my footing about once a month and hit the ground hard which meant whatever body part hit first usually hurt for a couple of days. I have noticed my balance has increased and I do not fall nearly as often, my last major slip I slid down three steps on butt without injury because I stayed relaxed.  The second and probably bigger impact has been I see my anger decreasing, I do not get frustrated as easily, I yell and scream less, and even when I do get angry the mood does not last nearly as long.

Although it was felt that it was brave of me to reveal my anger issues, I have always felt the bravest thing I ever did in Systema was walk into my first class.  I was worried by the fact I had next to no martial arts training and the room was mostly full of men much larger and taller than myself.  OK I am 5’ 3” and everyone is pretty much than me.  I also wasn’t sure how accepted I would be by this group.  I would like to say that all my fears were unfounded everyone was very kind and eager to teach even a newbie like me.  I would strongly encourage anyone especially women to come in and at least try out a class you will not be disappointed.

David’s Comments:  Christy has been one of the most consistent CFL Systema members since she started. In fact, in a quiet way, she has demonstrated leadership and set the bar on what it takes to be committed. I think she has missed a grand total of 2 classes in about 3 years. She has also consistently given her very best, day in and day out and has been an excellent addition to our Circle. Her good nature and positive energy adds quite a bit. Out of everyone, she is the most gutsy.

When you put the time in by coming to class week after week, your skills will grow. In fact, it is the only way your skills will grow. Christy is the very example of this. She started with zero experience and now has become a solid martial artist. We are all very proud of her.


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