1 Million Movements

1476002_10202760489992515_942306924_nFrom January 1 to December 31, 2014, members of Central FL Systema will do pushups, leg raises and squats which will total 1,000,000. Yes, one million over the course of a year.Each month, everyone will turn in their numbers so we can document. Every quarter, we will set a day aside to make sure we are on track.

At the end, we will have one BIG celebration.


Because we strive to be true martial artist, and we do things that most are unwilling to do.

Because if we can do what initially feels impossible, then we realize that all is possible.

Because work has never been an issue. We go to class regularly and are not seminar-ists or part-timers, going to class only if we feel like it. We are dedicated to our art and to our school.

Mostly, we don’t need a reason. The reason(s) will find us, once we accomplish the task.


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