Even Better Than Expected

GroupPixIt seems impossible but it always happens. I fully anticipate a truly amazing, spectacular (add your favorite synonym here) seminar with Vlad, only to realize I UNDER-estimated how great it would be.

Such was the case this weekend. Systema Master Vladimir Vasiliev was in Tampa for 3 days of training. Some 130 of us had the honor of participating with one of the greatest martial artists on the planet. From breathing drills to ground movement to multiple attackers, the weekend was filled with continual movement, creative flow and of course, the best instruction one could hope for.

My personal favorite was a “side bar” toward the end of the training on the topic of tendon (versus muscle) strength. Vlad’s work combined a softness (almost no grip) with a tremendous amount of power, so much so that I could not come close to his torso with the training knife. That experience and explanation alone would have made the seminar worth it. Needless to say, there was so much more.

Many thanks and deep gratitude to Vladimir and Valerie for coming to Tampa and to Kenny Gonzalez for setting up this remarkable seminar. It was certainly the Systema highlight of the year!


One Reply to “Even Better Than Expected”

  1. I agree, this was a fine seminar. When there was a delay opening the gym at one point, Vlad just ran the seminar outside. I was also very interested in the remarks on “making up the fist” from really relaxed to tightened on contact, if I understand the idea. Maximum relaxation = maximum impact. Thanks again to everyone!


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