Little Miracles

miracleI love the word “miracle.” It is attention grabbing with a ton of sparkle and energy. My personal definition differs somewhat from the dictionary version. I think of miracles as “taking what is, and transforming it into something different, something of value.”

Last night’s class started out as flat as the plains of Kansas. The mood was borderline gloomy and getting through the stretching, push ups and other exercises was like finishing the last 6 miles of a marathon in 90 degree weather.

Little by little, things changed, and by the end of the evening, there was enough energy in the room to light up most of Florida. Granted it may not have been in the water-into-wine category, but to the large group of Systema practitioners (self included), it felt just as good. Small miracle, of sorts.

These are just some of the little talked about, but powerful benefits of practicing this art. Regardless of how the class starts, there will always be opportunities to changing things around. Chances to pick up your spirits and thus, the spirits of those around you. It is like exchanging gifts at Christmas, only the gifts this time, are gifts of happiness, fun and laughter.

Need a miracle? Take a Systema class. You never know what you can experience.


One Reply to “Little Miracles”

  1. Systema training and training wiht David Orman does not cease to amaze me. Thanks maestro; you are a true teacher.


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