Another Successful Seminar!

davCFL Systema presented a Gun Defense Seminar this past Saturday. By all accounts, the seminar was a big success! The group of lively, energetic participants left with not only an improved movements, but with tools to enhance their lives.

We focused on several areas, namely:

  • Utilizing the concepts of elongation and contraction to neutralize the gun
  • Stimulating little known reflexes for rolling
  • Triangulation
  • 4 major steps of awareness and preparation
  • Movements from up close, 2- 3 feet away and 8+ feet away
  • Using hands strikes and kicks to precise areas to remove the threat
  • How the kidneys and heart place a huge role in this area and much more

What was supposed to be 3 hours bled over into 4 hours. Time truly does fly when you are engaged in doing things you love.

On a personal note, I learned quite a bit as well.

For starters, this seminar reinforced the notion that if all I do is teach without learning, I am only being 1/2 a martial artist. I am always a student first, and was very, very grateful for the valuable input and observations of each participant. Everyone added. Everyone was a teacher and a student.

Just the way it should be.

I also realized that people crave new things — information, movement or “tools” that will improve their live, not just their martial arts, or just to have a good time. A good time and greater skills are the byproducts or end-products of value.

I took some risks in teaching new, somewhat odd methods and was immediately rewarded, via smiles during the event and comments afterwards.

Lastly, I am continually reminded that by studying the ancient masters, I am learning to teach for modern times. Circumstances change. Truths do not.

I would like to thank everyone who participated. All of you did a marvelous job of absorbing the information, adjusting according to your ways and going forward.



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