Like No Other

MeYesterday’s seminar was like no other I have ever hosted or attended.

For starters, we were honored to have John Kreiger Sensei and 2 of his top students join us, along with our friends from Georgia. The group was anchored by our “regulars” from CFL Systema. 6 hours of training on a near perfect Florida summer day. We covered ground work, knife, kick defense and some of the most creative energy drills. Mix in a ton of striking and it was certainly a full day.

On a personal level, I never experienced a day like this. Yes, I have had days we trained hard. And days when people had a great time in the process. And learned a lot. And shared a lot. Something was different though.

I was fully prepared to teach a big group, and I did. What I was not anticipating was learning so much.

Sometimes I wonder if I am on the “right” track, knowing at least on some level there is no “wrong” track or “right” track. There is only the track you are on, which is perfect. Of course, knowing something intellectually and feeling in your core are 2 distinct matters.

I have taken chances and introduced some uncommon topics, particularly on Thursday nights. Sometimes they have gone over very well. Other I am less certain about. Such is the case with risk and newness. Today was the first day I was left with such a clear, distinct feeling of how much I am on track, risk and all.

I realized it is not about being the best martial artist. It is not about having the highest rank or collecting more and more information or techniques. Nor is it about having the biggest school around. It is about being true to yourself and recognizing that my path, my mission, is to teach and in the process, hopefully have a favorable impact on people’s lives via teaching.

I think I gave a lot of information and help yesterday to all of the participates. In the process, I received more than I could have ever imagined.


One Reply to “Like No Other”

  1. You are teaching many people to save their lives with the best self defense system in existence. They get great exercise along with training and a wonderful social outlet added to this experience. You are saving lives. You will never know whose or how many.


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