Peter Carbone Sensei Seminar

SymbolWhen certain people, like Peter Carbone Sensei,  come to town to present a seminar, I anticipate excellence.

Invariable I am wrong. Quite wrong.

They end up exceeding my expectations by far!

Such was the case again this Saturday. For 3 hours, a group of 18 of us, trained in sticks, knives and empty hand application. It was simply spectacular, filled with such deep information and clear explanation of movements. Working with him, even for a short period of time, you recognize expertise. His skill level has been reached by very, very few and to have access to this information is truly something special.

I thoroughly loved it, as always. This time really struck a chord with me. The details, the “secrets” of certain movements and the overall energy were profound and inspiring. It is truly an honor to train with someone of this caliber.

One thing that came across is that when you “peel the initial layer” of an art, you realize the principles are identical; that is, the major components of Systema are the same as karate as they are to Tai Qi etc. Free flowing movement, without predetermined patterns are THE key to being successful martial artists.

Regardless of the art you are focusing on, when someone of this level comes to teach, it is wise to train with them. The example they set and information they have is so advanced, it can only add to your current practice.




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