Celebration Day

photo (5)Big thanks to everyone who has been attending classes regularly. This has been THE best time for our school (and for me). I have enjoyed this time frame more so now than at any other time in my martial arts training. The energy has been so upbeat, lively and positive.

Part of it is the return of our die-hard members — Patrick, Gary and Mike. It is great to have you back in our circle.

Part of it is the addition of new die-hard members — Chris, Lorenzo, Ashleigh, Marina and Tony. (Ed looks like he may be joining this group soon.) Your passion and new energy have given us all a great boost! (Looking forward to having James and Ed W. back too! Hopefully you are healing nicely from [non-Systema related] injury.)

We also have quite a bit of upcoming new training opportunities such as classes, seminars and potential trips. In addition, we have added brand new training  including take downs, a ton of ground work, striking and 2 tons of energy work. The later has been the focus of our Thursday night classes which  have been incredible.

Lastly, sometime toward the end of September, we will be celebrating our 500th class at Central Florida Systema. The road has not always been easy, but has certainly been worth it. Today, our school is the strongest it has ever been. Loyalty, trust, dedication and respect are honorable characteristics found within our circle.

It is a great reward to see our classes getting bigger and bigger. The popular seminars are fun. I recommend them.  The real work. . .the real progress. . . more often, comes from the regular training, week after week. Not as much fun as Toronto or New York or California but any martial artist worth their salt will tell you, the road to progress is not always easy. It is the daily grind, the weekly classes an the personal practice that is the difference that makes the difference.

To all of you who have been coming to class on a regular basis, I congratulate you! You tossed aside your excuses, your stories, your complaints etc., and showed up. Week after week. Even if work or family prevented training one week, you were back in action the next week. THAT is a real martial artist!

It is time to celebrate YOU!  Time to celebrate our die-hards.  Time to celebrate and welcome our new die-hards. And yes, time to celebrate Number 500!

As such, SUNDAY, JULY 28 at 6pm, will be having a gathering at SPLITSVILLE in DOWNTOWN DISNEY.

Everyone is welcome! Join us for some R&R.

We have earned it.


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