Making the Best Out of a Situation


To say I was disappointed does not ever begin to describe my reaction. I was all set to sign up for the 5 day training in Toronto, only to find out the first 3 day are closed. These were THE days to train. Small group. Training with the master, Vlad.

Granted the other 2 days would probably be fine, but typically large groups are fun, but you do not learn a great deal. Or at least I don’t. Twenty five people and under, I learn a ton. One on one and I learn 10 x 10 tons. Over 70 or so, maybe you can pick up 1 or 2 tips along the route. It is a long, expensive way to go to pick up a couple of tips.

It is moments like this where Systema learning takes a new twist. We are always talking about and learning how to deal with kicks or knife attacks. This Systema lesson is how to deal with disappointment. It is one that over the course of one’s life will probably be used hundreds if not thousands of times more. It is not nearly as much fun as multiple attacks or ground work. It is more valuable.

Regards of circumstances, perhaps the biggest lesson is that there are always options. Even when Plans A through F are not available, there still are options. In this instance, I have chosen several of them. For starters, I will be making several multi-day trips to train with my instructor in W. Palm.

I am also looking at taking a trip to Canada for a few days when Vlad is teaching.

Lastly, as a school, we are going to Splitsville in Downtown Disney to have a celebration. Why? Why not! Add up the things that are going right in my life and in my school, it casts a gigantic shadow over everything else. Celebrating is a simple, enjoyable way of transforming the energy. Disappointment becomes enjoyment.

Some people believe that “every thing happens for a reason.” “You may have been injured. Or problems on the flight Or ________ fill in your favorite story.” I am not one of those people who believe this. I simply waited too long, period. Next time, I will sign up immediately.

In the meantime, out of disappoint came some very valuable lessons.

Maybe. . . . just maybe . . . . it was worth it.


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