“Open Class” Thursday


Starting next Thursday, June 13th, we will start having an “Open Thursday Class.” 

Sessions will start at 6:30pm at my home, and go until we decide to stop. They will be very informal and will be more free flow/less instructional. It will be a time to work on the things that we learn on Monday, experimenting with movement and on fine tuning applications.

Over the past year, we have done these classes and have had great success. Aside from the pure fun of training, the “experimental” movement have produced some interesting and useful results.

In addition, I have been focusing a great deal on the Internal Arts work from last October’s seminar in S. Florida. This work has been nothing short of amazing. The power generated from this work is staggering. I would like to spend quite a bit of time with this, as well as integrating the takedowns and ground work from the Saturday classes.

So very much looking forward to these!



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