Florida Systema Group Training – Sarasota


My wife and I had a discussion about what constitute a “great day.” She presented a thorough description of various foods, experiences with other people, locations and elaborate detail. My answer was much simpler — A great day is a day that I  train in Systema.

Saturday was a great day!

Alex Popeskou presented an excellent 4 hour seminar that featured gun and knife defense primarily. Alex is a senior Instructor and his crisp, smooth movements were evident of this fact. A group of about 14 people including 4 from Central Florida Systema school had the pleasure of training in the beautiful city of Sarasota.

The training of course was excellent, which has become the norm with Alex. The 2 themes which I took away from the session were:

  1. Alex has always treated me and others with the utmost respect. This is as valuable a lesson as any kick or knife defense. Most of us (hopefull) rarely, if ever, will be presented with the experience of defending against a (real) knife. All of us will be presented, daily of having the choice of dealing with others respectfully or not.
  2. The more I relax and focus on breathing, the more great things happen. . . in Systema and in life.

One of the great benefits of Systema is that I have the chance to learn these types of lessons. They help me grow as a martial artist, but even more so, present the opportunity to grow as a person. That is the real value of martial arts.

Thank you to Alex and everyone for the great experience yesterday. I am very grateful for this.


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