What If You Have No Teacher?


This post is a question.

What can a persona do, if they do not have access to an Instructor? Perhaps you live in an area where there are no teachers of Systema. Trips to Canada are fantastic but costly. As such, access to training is very, very limited.

You really, really, really, really want to train. . . .but. . . . . . .

Of course, there are some obvious answers.

At the top of the list is reviewing/studying of DVDs and endless numbers of clips that are on YouTube and other sites. This can certainly be of some assistance though if one does not have a solid base, it will end up being more problematic than helpful.

Working on solo exercises such as breathing, foot movement and the “big 3” — push ups, leg raises and squats. There are seemingly endless variations of each that will certainly keep us busy for a long time.

Here is where it gets tricky. What to do next.

Have any ideas? Please post below. 


One Reply to “What If You Have No Teacher?”

  1. I believe you need a teacher to make those corrections that are so important to keep moving to the next level.


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