You Know What Systema Is Like?

It gets a bit challenging at times when dealing with other martial artists regarding a description of Systema. They see Systema through their own art. In other words, if they wear blue glasses, everything is blue. If they are kung fu practitioner, Systema looks a lot like Kung Fu.

It gets a bit frustrating when Systema practitioners try to mold this art around the prior art(s). Tai Chi practitioners try to make Systema look like Tai Chi. Aikidoists try to make the art into “AikiSystema.” (The end result is the destruction of 2 beautiful arts but that is for another time.)

You know what Systema is like?


Systema is unique unto itself. Granted there is a finite number of ways a human being can punch and kick or defend said punches or kicks. That being said, stop comparing. Stop trying to label, compartmentalize, classify or pigeon-one this art. Systema is like Systema.

Accept this and our training moves forward.

Deny this and try to jam your history into this art and failure is sure to follow.



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