Internal Martial Arts Training

Go to the thesaurus or thesaurus on line. Look up the word “spectacular” and note the list of synonyms. That is only a partial description of my weekend training with Dan Harden.

Dan is a genuine master of internal arts. The exact names of the arts and details about it matters little. Everything was about the training and what training it was! The concepts were few in numbers but very complicated overall. Though I left with “tools” and materials I would take home and practice, for me at least, it was impossible to grasp everything in 20 hours of training. I felt you could attend this identical seminar 5 times and still get a ton of new information . . . each time.

The biggest insight I gather was how, my proper breathing, mechanics and mental imagery, masters such as Vlad and Michael are able to generate enormous amounts of power with little external movement. Though they (Vlad and Michael) may describe the process much differently that this weekend’s description, the end result would be the same — very short movement. VERY big results.

I was also left with a great feeling, having connected so many dots together (even though there are so many more disconnected at this point). Concepts from Taoism, acupuncture and martial arts were brought into light. “6 directional awareness,” “one point power” and other deep aspects were explained in depth. The number of connections that were made were seemingly countless.

I cannot wait to start applying these principles and accompanying applications to Systema. A new path is definitely being forged.