“Strike Zone” Seminar Update

Only 28 more days!!! We are quickly filling up so be sure to reserve your place.

Aside from the seminar, will have Jeff Jones from Toyama Ryu doing a Sword demo, Dan Dease Sensei doing an Aikido demo and Lisa Leitl doing a Kyudo demo.

Jeff is one of the top students of Bob Elder Sensei. Elder Sensei is one of the premiere sword instructors in America and operates the Homu Dojo (home base) for Toyama Ryu sword style here in America.

Dease Sensei is the Chief Instructor for Central Florida Aikido, the best Aikido school in Greater Orlando (at least) and is a student of Endo Sensei —  an ushi desi (live in student) of O’Sensei (founder of Aikido).

Lisa is the only one in from Key West to the Panhandle doing Kyudo (archery) and is a student of Ron Jones Sensei and Aaron Blackwell Sensei. Jones Sensei is the second highest ranking Kyudoka in Florida and Blackwell Sensei is the highest ranking Kyudoka in North America.

As you can see, they are the some of the very best around and it is an honor to have such dedicated and talented individuals sharing their time and skills with us.

The demo will take place during our 90 minute lunch break. Get a little into other arts, and well as experience the blending of health and combat in Systema.

Lot of fun.

Lot of information.

Best of both worlds!